On May 18th 1966 Gombey 25 and Gombey 19 were returning to Nakhon Phenom Air
Base {NKP} after calling in an air strike for Jet fighters in Vietnam just across the Lao
border. Both aircraft flew over Rt. 12  (912) which crossed the Lao- Viet border This
area was  known as Ban Kari Pass.  Gombey 25 was on the west side and Gombey 19
on the east side. G 19 was about 3/4 of a mile behind G 25.
At about 12:20 local time Gombey 19's pilot was giving a bomb damage assessment of
the previous air strike called Diamondback when the transmission stopped abruptly.
Gombey 25 attempted to contact Gombey 19  on both UHF and VHF channels but
received no response. Gombey 25 turned left and saw 2 columns of smoke rising about  
1 1/2 miles away.  Gombey 25 headed toward the smoke and passed over the burning
wreckage. Gombey 25 saw the plane a in a clearing, nose down with the cock pit
burning. The smoke was white and in all probability coming from phosphorous marking
rockets that went off on impact. The fuel tanks were in the same vicinity as the rockets
i.e. on the wings. He did not see any survivors. At this point which was just a few
seconds after arriving, Gombey 25 began receiving anti aircraft fire and dove low toward
the trees to avoid the line of site.. Successfully evading the heavy gun fire, G 25
remained in the area until two Navy F 4's call sign "Black Lion" arrived.  Due to low
fuel, Gombey 25 returned to base.