Summary of SAR log regarding
Beeper Signals

0540Z Gomey 19 reported down.
* 0620Z Black Lion ejected 3 mile west of O1F
0701Z Beeper heard around Gombey 19. 2 AIE Sandies sent to investigate.
** 0841Z Crown 68:Have good beeper, trying to pinpoint, ground fire in area.
0910Z Crown 68: No beeper for 45 minutes.
*** 1028 Z Crown 68: Beeper moving around and into village.
Suspending at this time.

* Black Lion arrived at the scene and dropped bomb around Gombey 19 site to halt
advancing enemy troops. Black Lion was hit by enemy AA fire and crew ejected. Not
in SAR log but
Black Lion picked up Strong Beeper as it crossed the Nam Te Le River and arrived at
the crash site. Attention to recovering Black Lion Crew became prioity as AA fire
around Gombey 19 restricted attempts.

** Crown 68 was the airborn command post and not the AIEs. This aircraft relayed
messages from AIEs and Jolly Greens to Siagon.

*** The AIE Sandies and other members of the SAR never received any voice contact
associated with the beeper signals. Andre and his pilot both had RT-10 radios which
gave off a beeper tone and allowed voice communication. At this point, the SAR team
felt that the enemy had the radios and were using the beepers to draw in SAR aircraft
for the AAA units.(Anti Aircraft Artillary)