Childhood Photograph of Andre (right) and Paul (left)
from the Doris Maitland Collection
Reprint Permission  for use of  above news article/picture on this website was granted by the Waterbury
Andre and I grew up together; he lived directly next door.
In our eary childhood, we often played together and shared
scouting adventures.  He was like my older brother.

I was in college when word of his loss came from home. It
was hard to believe that he was missing.This empty feeling has
lingered inside me since 1966 but it wasn't until about 15 years
ago that I was able to act on it.The POW/MIA movement
then spured the declassification of documents and I was able
to find data and  people that  could answer many  
questions.Over the years, I accumulated an enormous amout
of information and submitted it to the JTFFA.

The voluntary assistance of three Vietnamese witnesses has
completed the story. All that remains now is to get Andre's
body back home.