Summary of  Black Lion report

Black Lion was the call sign of a pair of Navy F-4 Fighters that were in the area
when Gombey 19 went down.They were involved in another bombing mission at
that time.. When Gombey 25  initiated the SAR, Black Lion was diverted to Ban
Kari Pass to assist.

Black Lion was south of the crash site and headed north. As the jets passed over
the Nam Te Le River, they began to recieve beeper signals. The beeper signal
persisted until they arrive at the site at which time the signal stopped.

No survivors were seen as they passed over the downed plane. Enemy troops
heading toward Gombey 19 and the jets made several bombing runs North of the
crash site to supress enemy movement.

Both fighters expended all bombs and were running low on fuel as A1E Sandies,
prop driven attack fighter bombers, arrived.  One F4  dove over the crash site
to pin point its location to the Sandies and was hit by anti aircraft fire. It traveled
on fire about 3 miles west of Gombey 19's crash site where both crew members

It was at this point that the SAR mission was diverted to rescue the F-4's crew.
Both Black Lion crew members were rescued  and flown to Ka San. Vietnam by
Jolly Green Helocopters

Attention again was returned to the Gombey 19 Crash site.